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About Us

As we have time we may add content to this page to give more background about each of us -- Robert and Cassandra Joy.


Our Resume

Hello, we are The Joys -- Joy by name and Joy by nature. We are Robert and Cassandra. We are all non-smoking and totally dependable, with our own 5th wheel RV and pickup. All of our children have homes and families of their own, living in England and California.

We are both retired although very active in mind, body and spirit.

Robert was born in England and has lived in Rhodesia, South Africa and Western Australia, USA in California and Utah. He has a degree in Religion. Robert's work experience is very varied. He is a butcher by trade, has worked as a sales manager, traffic safety officer, child counselor, tour coach operator, actor, Justice of the Peace and marriage officiant. He also worked one year at Butlins Holiday Park in England. Robert has been in many silver screen films as an extra, plus many TV commercials and in house training videos. He is an animal trainer and has trained, dogs, cats, and pigs for films; not robotic pigs but real ones.

Cassandra was born in the USA and has lived in Indiana, Missouri, Colorado, Texas, Arizona and California plus Taiwan, Hong Kong and France. She holds a BS in Applied Mathematics, MS in Communication Theory and MA in Psychology. Most of her working experience has been in Aerospace Systems and Computer Engineering. She has written many software programs and the instructional manuals for them and also taught classes in how to use the programs. She was instrumental in setting up the Rockwell, Downey Team Quality Improvement program, which was designed to teach team members to work better together. Cassandra is also a line dance and round dance instructor and a Feldenkrais practitioner.

We left the USA in 2000 and lived in Costa Rica and Panama during those 7 years. While in Costa Rica, we both worked in the customer service office of an online bingo site. We speak some Spanish, Cassandra more than Robert.

Our current work and interests are with computers, web design, hosting and promotion. Since "retiring" we started a web design business and currently have clients in several countries. We are active Square and Round Dancers and enjoy the friendliness that this activity brings about. Cassandra also loves creating stained glass artistic masterpieces and playing her flute. All three of us have excellent people skills and are people oriented with a great team player attitude. Being self-starters, we like to go that extra distance with all people and think outside the box of norm. Our relationships with staff and clients are excellent, yes is a full word and is easy to say.

Our last position was with Lower Colorado River Authority, Black Rock Park, Buchanan Dam, Texas

Currently we are working at Hidden Lake RV Resort in Beaumont Texas and will be leaving here from early April onwards. Our resume and photos are at

Robert and Cassandra Joy