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Posted Aug 18, 11:21 AM

Memories in Alaska, home soon.

We returned from Alaska and went on a Cruise with Princess Cruises to Italy and Spain that was in December, arrived back 1 day before Christmas. Then we went to South Africa for 40 days and had a blast seeing all the animals once again. We are now 3 weeks away from returning to Alaska this time we will go to Skagway.
We are close to being finished with our Alaska Adventure. For Robert it has been an eye opener.
Alaska is cold and fairly hostile State with very few roads and what roads that are here are either frozen over in Winter and in Summer are construction zones as they can only be repaired in the Summer months when the tourists arrive.
In the Winter and we arrived 13th March in minus degree weather most of the roads where still covered over in ice and snow.
In Summer Alaska takes on a different view with Mountains or Glaciers as they are often called, many with NO name as there are so many of them and most inter mingle with each other.
The view is vastly different from Ice and Snow to covered with sparse grass and Pine or Fur Trees, where the Sheep eat away and store the food for the winter to come.
The Bears also do the same thing as a Bear will only have as many Cubs as the body will maintain a specific number, how wonderful nature is.
We have seen all the animals that are here in Alaska and have flown over the wonderful Mountain called Denali, what a most wonderful sight.
We will leave with many memories and venture down into the lower 48 states around the 23rd of September into Texas and home.
February and March will see us again in South Africa.

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