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Posted Feb 16, 03:28 PM

We eventually settled in to our ERPU site @ 172.
The road noise is loud at times but does not bother me so much. We both wear earplugs at night and a sleep masks so life is good.

Presently the cold wet rain is descending making life unpleasant although when looking at the rest of the country we are doing very well, thank goodness.

In March we will fly to Washington DC to spend a week or so with Jeanne and Brian and then we will fly to the Turks and Caicos for a week before returning to Houston.

We’ll then spend a few days packing up and will travel with the 5th wheel back to Custer State Park Resort where once again we will be at the resort.

Robert as a Jeep Driver and Cassandra at the State Game Lodge Front Desk for another busy season. It’ll be busier this year as it is the 75th year of the Sturgis Motor Cycle Rally a noisy rowdy part of the year, but it lasts just short of 2 weeks the quietness returns to the Black Hills.


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