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Posted Jul 11, 05:08 PM

We drive to Kyle tomorrow and will be staying overnight somewhere and then on Wednesday we trade 5th wheels from our current 2008 Cameo to a 2011 Cameo we love the Carriage product.
The biggest difference will be in the inside layout as it is the reverse as to what we are used to and we will have one less slide but it’s a foot longer.
We will have an extra A/C in the bedroom, built in vacuum system and we lose our fireplace, which we love, but having the extra A/C will compensate especially in the Texas heat.
Externally we will have the Bigfoot automatic leveling system and frame-less windows built by a manufacture which I do not like but I have no choice. We will be changing the Pin Box over to our Moryde pin box and it’s a straight swap, thank goodness
The external appearance will look the same except the accents are black like the rear ladder and skylights, minor details.
See you on the road.


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