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Posted Nov 27, 04:55 PM

I cooked, sliced and prepared 6 Turkeys and 4 Hams for Thanksgiving, satisfying about 120 people. Guests brought along a side or dessert. Because of the high numbers we had two seating 12noon and 3pm.
At 3.30pm we managed to sit down ourselves and take the weight off our feet and have some food, wow I suddenly felt tired, it was fine while I worked but once I stopped it hit me.
A successful Thanksgiving and plenty of accolades from the guests, made it all worthwhile, plus I enjoy cooking and the interaction with the guests, so many know us by sight and welcome us as family.
It truly is a blessing to know so many people that come back over and over again, it’ll be painful but we need to move on to new pastures, we wonder where it will be?


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