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Posted Oct 2, 07:38 PM

After leaving Oklahoma it took us 2 days to arrive in San Marcos, Texas. I enjoyed being at Oak Lake Trails as I was able to be off the lead and go swimming in 2 of the lakes, it was fun.
Now after arriving in San Marcos I’m more on the lead as I used to be but I go swimming in the San Marcos River.
The river is fast flowing so I need to be very careful otherwise Robert gets anxious and Lady Cassandra may need to go and rescue me, she can swim better than Robert.
These squirrels tease me and when I try and chase them they zip up a tree, if they would stay on the ground I’m sure I could catch them.
It’s time for my evening feed now and maybe, just maybe I’ll get to go swimming.
I’ve heard that I’ve got some red boots coming so that the stickers will stop going into my paws, they really hurt, I don’t know if I will like these red boots.
Until next time, stay safe.


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