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Posted May 4, 12:43 PM

The journey to Eureka Springs went very well, we did stay in Waco a day longer than planned due to storms and arrived in Eureka Springs Tuesday 29th.

The journey to Eureka Springs went very well, we did stay in Waco a day longer than planned due to storms and arrived in Eureka Springs Tuesday 29th.

The part of the journey that was the scarer was in Oklahoma and into Arkansas as the more we moved into Arkansas the higher the hills or mountains and the roads in Arkansas are narrow, twisty and not many straight stretches, a motor cycle dream road. We see many many motor cycles on the roads all having a blast. Many hotels and shops have signs saying bikers welcome also many shops sell nothing else but biker clothes, generally in leather.

The weather here has been cooler and we have had to unwrap our winter clothes with the temperatures in the evening and mornings as low as 33 degrees with a high during the day of 65, this week we hope to have 72 with storms on Tuesday and Wednesday, so overall cooler than in Texas.

The Opera in the Ozarks is a huge place, very old and many buildings in poor state of repair, maybe because it is only used 3 months a year and then it remains totally unused. There is a large stage area and the stage is as large as the auditorium, it does have a roof and open concrete sides no doors just walls built at angles to give an entrance, The students stay in two separate dorms one for males and the other for women, although I am informed that over time this segregation gets intermingled into it becomes simply 2 dorms. The dorm rooms are mainly bunk beds with 6 to 8 in a room, the only privacy is a curtain covering 70% of the entrance and the interior walls go only 8 feet high, so a light on in one sort of bedroom can reflect into the rooms either side. The dorms are all air conditioned and the ladies dorm have washers and dryers, the male dorm does not have this facility so I’m told, we have only been in the ladies dorm at this point as the male one is still locked.

Around the area are small cabins for practicing vocals and I guess about 12 of these and the students are allocated time slots. One very interesting building is the costume barn, it’s a very faded red barn with most of the wooden sides decayed and rotten, with a brand new roof on, it looks as if at any moment it’ll fall down and looks out of place with a new roof on, very strange, I’m scared to go inside although I am told it’s perfectly safe inside, I guess I’ll find out one day.

When we arrived and tried to back into our site which was upwards and with wheels spinning the transmission overheated and discharged the fluid, so I switched off and the other worker there backed our RV into the slot. The next day I contacted a transmission repair place and he suggested putting fluid in and I could be lucky and it’ll work okay and depend how much if any damage occurred but it will need to be replaced before towing again, cost of a rebuild $2000, he’s a one man shop and it’ll take 10 days to complete. So I went next to the nearest Ford dealer and to get a completely refurbished transmission, along with a 3 year, 75.000 mile warranty $2900 time off the road 1 to 1 1/2 days, so need to make a decision some time.

Sammy is totally off the leash so he’s a happy dog although the first 3 days he was very clingy and now he’s getting used to the area and wandering off away from us about 5 feet away, but still making sure that he knows exactly where we are.

Eureka Springs town center is most interesting with very narrow streets and restricted parking and when available it’s $5 for 4 hours and street parking is all metered, plus the cars parked on the street make the narrow roads even narrower. The shops are very interesting and lots and lots of them, again it’s up a hill and down a hill, nothing is straight here, as well as many of the people which is very obvious and nobody hides there chosen sexuality.

So in a nuts shell, we arrived safe and sound, with a truck that is operating, with cooler weather than we left in Texas and the scenery that is spectacular to say the very least and dams that are over flowing with water.

We have not started work yet, maybe next week and it’ll be dirty work cleaning buildings ready for the teachers and students.

Keep in contact and keep safe.

Robert, Cassandra and Sammy


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