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Posted Mar 25, 12:37 PM

We both attended the class on Saturday, 8th March 2008. It was held in El Campo, Texas and was most informative. the instructor (Dickie) kept the class of 11 amused and very attentive, on what could have been a boring aspect. as it was it was most informative, enjoyable and of interest. After the classroom aspect we all fired off 50 rounds a piece at targets varying in distance. The score needed was over 175 out of 250 and Cassandra scored 242 and Robert 236, once again proving that beauty over brawns wins. No we don’t have any firearms, although now we can carry a gun concealed if we choose to and want to, legally and with safety and security in mind.
Since writing this we have now both purchased side arms and both the same except Robert’s is Black and Cassandra’s is NATO Green, they are Smith and Wesson 9mm semi automatic.


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