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Posted Mar 25, 12:15 PM

Hello and greetings
Here are photos from Victoria Texas, mainly from the New Years Eve party held at the RV park where we worked as Camp Hosts. We both worked next morning and I’ll let you into a secret, it was hard work after the night before.
Have fun and enjoy.
Robert and Cassandra.

Cassandra flute
Cassandra Cleaning Victoria Texas Flute December 31st 2007
flute Line Dancing
Flute December 31st 2007 Cassandra and Robert Line Dancing
cassandra line dance group
Cassandra Resting Line Dancing December 31st 2007
Albert and the Lion Robert
Robert in serious mode Robert December 31st 2007
Robert and Didgeredoo December 31st 2007 Rendition of Albert and the lion
Albert and the Lion kilt
Robert December 2007 Robert December 31st 2007

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