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Posted Feb 13, 04:36 PM

We both have been involved with the theatre in Victoria and really enjoy our time there. For a community theatre it truly is outstanding, it’s equally as large and as grandeur as any theatre in Broadway, it’s awesome. The lighting, the sound box, backstage is huge and state of the art. The auditorium is so warm and comfortable, with purple seating, our favourite colour, I feel very much at home and so comfortable here, I can’t wait until I get an opportunity to be on stage. The green room is fantastic, for none theatre people the green room is the actors and actress change room’s and relax area.
Currently we are showing “I Love You, You Are Perfect, Now Change” a musical comedy. We both are working and I use that word loosely as Ushers, plus we see the show as well.
All the people we have met at the theatre are so warm and great, Scott the resident Director is so full of energy and his qualifications are enormous, I wonder why he is in Victoria. Grace the overall person in charge is also wonderful, along with everyone else, I love being involved. Whenever we leave Victoria it’ll be very sad to leave behind the theatre and a great bunch of sincere, loving people.


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