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Posted Jan 31, 08:16 PM

Good news, well on the way to recovery, each day is an improvement, slowly, slowly but feeling great and wonderful. (above posted February 13th, 2006)
While simply bending down looking underneath the RV, I straightened up and experienced pain in the groin area and a very loud bang or popping sound. My bladder gave way and I hurried inside the RV in excruciating pain. Sitting on the throne was my only option, it was hard getting there and hard rising, oh the pain. Plus I passed out and knew I was in shock
We dashed off to Citizens Hospital as I figured that a hospital was a better option than a walk-in surgery.
We arrived at 5pm and the area was what I would describe as moderately filled with people. A nurse took my particulars and a clerk filled in all the paperwork. When one is in pain I’d sign anything, just get on with it.
After 5 hours of waiting I was called into the Emergency Room, gee I thought 5 hours I’m getting some where at last, wrong, wrong, wrong.
I got inside a gown and waited and waited for a Doctor to arrive.
After an hour a Nurse arrived with many questions, I figure they were screening me out, it was now 11.30pm and I guess shift change.
For hours the place was quiet no movement, nothing, I guess the doctors went home and nobody was available.
At 1.30am a Doctor poked his head in and examined me, his diagnosis was not a hernia but a torn muscle, but I’ll send in my friend who is a surgeon. He quickly followed and he also diagnosed no hernia but a torn muscle.
We left at 2am (gee 9 hours),armed with a prescription for tablets and went to a nearby Walgreens, sorry, pharmacy closed.
By this time tired, hungry and still in pain returned to the RV and sleep, well kind of.
The next day or the same day really, awoke in pain, gee, what’s new.
My prescription still not supplied so I took some pain killers from Panama and waited. Eventually spent most of the day dozing in pain.
The next day I was on roster to work and Cassandra took over my role and I took over her role and worked in the office.
Erik the RV owner got my prescription filled and at last I was now taking medication as prescribed, relief at last., thank you Erik. Both Monday and Tuesday were working days and truthfully I should not have been on my feet or even have worked. But as many of you know me, I’m not one to disregard my responsibilities, despite working it was not personally good for me.
Now it’s Thursday and each day I feel an improvement and hopefully after 6 weeks which the Doctor said, I should feel better.
Fingers crossed and I hope that I improve.
Cheers for now and still smiling despite all the pain.


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